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Twitter has replaced RSS for me

Despite the great tools available for RSS feeds – especially the wonderful Netvibes (@Netvibes) – most days the bulk of my news, comments and recommendations come from Twitter.

Twitter example from Seesmic

Find the right people and/or hashtag for a topic of interest and a continual stream of interesting, unexpected, timely and, quite often, fun information arrives on your Twitter client. And speaking of Twitter client, there is nothing better than Seesmic Desktop (@Seesmic) for my purposes. While we’re at it, see the example at right. The text is:

@Beathhigh Just read first issue of new Alan Moore comic, Neonomicon. Hellish good. No 1 son, who knows of such things, says it’s v Lovecraft.

UPDATE: after the gentle nudge from @freddymini I should have mentioned I still love and use Netvibes for everything else like Tumblr, podcasts, weather, excellent blogs that don’t use Twitter, etc, etc.

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